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Outside Magazine
Is Running Dangerous For Your Heart? Can high levels of endurance training lead to irreversible heart damage? A new report is giving athletes panic attacks. 
The Doctor Won’t See You Now — Medical malpractice is scaring physicians away from popular sporting events—and leaving racers facedown in the dirt
Insomniac, Maniac, Miracle (Jure Robic)
Transition Time (Bodywork section on the triathlon boom and training)

Competitor Magazine
I Heart Tokyo – How a gangly British tech geek became Tokyo’s most popular runner, and the Tokyo Marathon’s biggest pain. July 2011

The New York Times
Distance Runners Are a Paradox for Insurers


Ironman Won’t Bend the Rules for Lance Armstrong

Yes You Can: Run a Tough Mudder

Yes You Can: Ski the Birkebeiner

Office Crush: Run a New Year’s Day 10K

There’s Something in the Water- Death in Triathlon

Blind Climber Erik Weihenmayer to Race Leadville 100


Badwater: Amputee Amy Palmiero-Winters’ Ultimate Challenge

How I Got Hypothermia on a 50-degree Day in Los Angeles or My First Road Marathon
The Tahoe Sierra 100 MTB Race–So F’n Easy

feature stories-graduate work
Jayne Appel’s Last Shot (.pdf)
Stanford’s star basketball player–ranked #2 in the US–has one last chance to win a national title and prove to pro teams she’s the best there is. But her body is breaking. (Video)



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